Nt1330 Unit 3 Project Management Plan

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Following is a report completed for the executives of Frist World Bank Savings and Loan, with the objective to provide information on appropriate kernel options including the pros and cons of each. The importance of a software management plan, the use of installing anti-virus software on our Linus servers, monitoring and logging techniques used in a typical Linux infrastructure are all included within. Additionally, a description and explanation of the importance of a suitable backup plan is described. First let’s discuss each option and understand each. The kernel is highly configurable, it represents an opportunity to better secure our systems. Thus the meaning of custom kernel. First World Bank Savings and Loan could completely customize…show more content…
Based on the complexity of the kernel, we should work with a reliable developers. By choosing this option we can further customize and compile the kernel. Its best if this work is done on a developmental system. Once the custom kernel and associated files are developed, compiled, and tested on the developmental system, we will be able to transfer those files to production systems. While there are fewer viruses targeted at Linux, they do exist. Linux may be a more difficult target for black-hat hackers, it is still a target. For this reason a software management plan is of the utmost importance. My recommendation would be to secure our systems with AVG Antivirus Option. AVG is typically focused on the Microsoft antivirus market, the group does make anti-malware tools for Linux. Certain applications here at First World Bank Savings and Loan are mission-critical for our organization, we will want to monitor appropriate security lists maintained by their sponsoring groups. Linux has antivirus and anti-malware systems. Some of these systems are designed to minimize the risk of Linux as a malware carrier between Microsoft systems. But such systems also address malware written for Linux, such as rootkits, Trojan horses, worms, and more. We need to administer a substantial number of systems, centralized system management tools such as the Red Hat Network, Canonicals’ Landscape, and Novell’s ZENworks…show more content…
The quality of the baseline can be measured with logs, configured locally, or configured to send information to a central logging server. With that and related runtime information, we identify a baseline system state. In addition, IDS tools such as Tripwire to help protect the integrity of that baseline system. Tripwire is a complete security configuration management solution. It not only audit changes and ensure system integrity, but also assess all IT configurations against known benchmarks, security standards and best practices. It continuously monitors configurations for drift, vulnerabilities and risk-inducing changes, and provides a suite of workflows to simplify change reconciliation, incident investigation, and daily management. (Open Source Roots to Secure Enterprise Security,

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