Nt1330 Unit 3 Project Sample

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As a child we sung, “ Somewhere in the ancient, mystic trinity. You get three as a magic number. The past and the present and the future. Give you three as a magic number.” Today the song still rings true as FEPOC launches the first three projects of NextGen. The magic three are Member 360, Benefits Administration, and FEPDirect Workflow Automation. Member 360 is the key to improving FEPOCs quality of service to our members by leveraging existing Digital Experience services and incorporating new services through the creation of a single Member 360 view for CSRs. This upgraded view will provide a complete and secure view, giving easier access to the most commonly used information and frequently performed actions without navigating…show more content…
The system will create a more reliable and efficient support model for benefit administration and claims processing. This initiative will implement a more flexible and configurable BA system for administering benefits and claims. Benefits will be defined using Code Administration components with additional configurable benefit data and payment levels. This will enable faster system changes with less risk. FEPDirect Workflow Automation will improve data availability, increase operational efficiency, and enhance our delivery capability by leveraging automated workflow, dashboards resources and reporting capabilities through a Business Process Management Toolset. This toolset will drive operational excellence by creating consistent processes for both the plans and FEPDO. The dashboard and reporting features provide a real-time insight into key performance measurements to support informed decision making, the ability to generate configurable automated reports and schedule delivery of those reports. Workflow will provide the much-needed relief to supervisors who currently manually assign workflow processes and give them greater visibility into backlogs and claims inventory. It also eliminates the paper and email trail we currently use to manage assignments and employee progress; allowing Managers and Team leads to reallocate their time to other high value

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