Nt1330 Unit 4.1 Project

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4.1 Project Overview This project aims to build a prototype web application to demonstrate how software can help pancreatic cancer patients. The specifications of the prototype will be discussed in this section. 4.2 User types There are mainly three types of users: Member users – these users will have a user profile created on the website and are entitled to participate in forums or chats and avail medical data storage facility to get online consult. They have authenticated user profiles. They can be further classified as patient users, doctors and support workers. All users can access forums, chats and information section. Doctors and support workers do not store medical information on the web app. They also have the option to view messages…show more content…
Requirements Gathering – 4 weeks This is the investigative stage of the project. which involved conception, initiation and analysis of the problem. Design phase – 3 weeks This stage involves translating the requirements from the previous stage into detailed designs that address them. This detailed design should be easily converted to programming logic. It is at this stage the technology specifications for implementing the solution, logical structure of the application, design of WebPages, database designs etc are finalized. Test plans and test cases for the application are devised at this stage. Implementation phase – 5 weeks This stage involves implementing the design documentation using the technologies and platforms decided .For the project, this will be include creating the interfaces, building the application logic, creating the database and integrating all the three tiers to meet the functional requirements laid out in the project specification. Testing phase – 1 week This stage involves unit and integration testing of all the modules implemented in the previous stage following the test plans laid out in design phase. Test results are to be created to demonstrate the effectiveness. Testing will focus on security, performance, usability and accessibility of the

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