Nt1330 Unit 4 Assignment

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I firstly finished the study until Monday and finished the self-quiz and programming Assignment Unit 4. Then I head on to finish the Discussion Forum and Learning Journal Unit 4. PS: Why I called Daniel. There is cultural reason behind. I am from Hong Kong, in which both east and western culture are operating here. We usually have English name to let foreigner address us easier. While we also use Cantonese name as it is a name parents given to us. Also each of Chinese name gave us our expectation and aims to improve in our live. I think it is the culture from very old great china time. About observations this week, it mainly talk about difference between multiple queue and single queue. In windows system, multiple queue approach was used as lecture note of last week saying. But in real world, such as queue in bank, some bank (such as HSBC) give different priority of queue (for example, priority queue and normal queue), customers having priority bank account was served first. It also applied to aviation industry. However, some bank use single queue system such as first come first serve based (e.g. community bank).…show more content…
For example at work, I have different tasks (3 quotations, set-up 4 machines, fixing printer, repack of a office room.) All need to be finished today and scheduling have done it purposes. I firstly estimate the job finished time, and when I can do the job. Then I packed with priority and follow them using time-slot method. For exhausting tasks, i need to divide them into very small tasks and finish them one by one. Another example of scheduling are time management of everyday life. I may need to reference to Murphy Jr written in 2014 to better use my time as human
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