Nt1330 Unit 4 Business Communication

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1.1) Different communication methods are used in the business environment to achieve correct outcomes and obtain sufficient records accordingly across a wide range of tasks and requests. The most efficient form of communication should be identified early in the job – considering the current issue, deadlines, state of any data (offline/online) and number and location of all individuals involved. This ensures that the best form of communication is selected. For instance; you need to make contact with a colleague who works in a different department regarding an alteration to a member of the public’s details. An Email would be the best form of written communication as the task is not a priority, all the data could be kept computerized to save time and verbal contact is not necessary. However, in comparison, you may receive information regarding a case of fraud among a business. This would require immediate attention and a span of professionals including the Police. In this case; verbal communication would be best over the telephone to contact those involved so that a meeting can be arranged as soon as possible. This type of contact would be instant but necessary to address the issue. The…show more content…
When presenting information to a group of blind people, written communication is not suitable unless converted into braille so therefore verbal is necessary. Whereas if presenting to a group of deaf people, verbal communication would be impossible and likewise with written if they are unable to read. In this case, non-verbal communication may be needed in the form of sign-language. Types of communication need to be considered when interacting with different age brackets too. For example, it is not a good idea to only request Email addresses as a source of contact for all members of the public as it is possible some elderly residents do not have access to a computer or the

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