Nt1330 Unit 5 Case Study Answers

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1. Check the back table for any measurement sheets that have been filled out. 2. Make sure the sheet is filled out correctly and has been initialed by the individual who measured the client. If it’s not filled out correctly do not record it! 3. You then add the inches lost for the measurement sheet onto the white board, making sure the measurements are taken in the current month. Eg. If it is Presently December, make sure the measurements have been taken in December by checking the date on the measurement sheet. If not, simply don’t record the measurements. 4. Make sure to add the inches lost on the board as well. Under “Inches Lost” (On the white board) Eg. 7 inches are written on the board and the client has lost 2 inches. Therefore, you write 9 inches on the board. 5.…show more content…
Don’t forget to add how many client’s inches you have recorded under the “Total # of Members Measured” (On the white board) Eg. 6 people were measured in December and you are adding 2 new client’s measurements onto the board, you will simply now write 8 clients. 6. You then add the Clients Measurements to the data base sheet (Located on Pardeep’s Computer on the desk top) “Monthly Measurements Data Sheet” 7. After you have recorded the client’s measurements, you will now take the measurement sheet and put it in the “Upload Documents” bin on the back table on the left. 8. You now have recorded the client’s measurements! Tracking client’s monthly measurement helps us track how well we guarantee weight loss!  9. If the month is over, you must add up all the inches lost in that month and record it on the bottom of the data sheet under the “TOTAL INCHES LOST IN THIS

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