Nt1330 Unit 5 Midterm

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‘Chubby’ is a unified lock service created by Google to synchronize client activity with loosely coupled distributed systems. The principle objective of Chubby is to provide reliability and availability where as providing performance and storage capacity are considered to be optional goals. Before Chubby Google was using ad-hoc for elections, Chubby improved the availability of systems and reduced manual assistance at the time of failure. Chubby cells usually consist of chubby files, directories and servers, which are also known as replicas. These replicas to select the master use a consensus protocol. The files and directories present a Chubby cell is called nodes can act as a lock. Handles are created every time when a client open nodes, which are similar to UNIX file descriptors.…show more content…
Chubby clients performs actions like caching file data, open handles and bolts them. The caching convention nullifies the sections after a change instead of updating them. There is a relationship created between Chubby cells and Chubby clients called Chubby session which is maintained by keepalive RPCs. This relationship is associated with a time interval, which is managed by the master. The client has the power to extend this interval by sending a keepalive message to the master. In future Chubby can be scaled on the bases of partitioning and proxies. There is a lot of difference between Chubby and boxwood’s lock server because both of them are created for different purposes.Chubby is useful for taking care of a lot of connections but fails when it comes to a lot of information or regular

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