Nt1330 Unit 6 Attack

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In this leaflets I will be talking about how the network can be attacked, One way the network can be attacked is DOS and what this stands for is Denial of service, this attacks the network by overflowing the network with useless traffic, the result of this overflowing cause the network to slow down significantly, and even can crash the network if it overflows too much. The damage that is can do to a business is huge they can lose a lot of money to fix the issue. The weird thing is that the hacker does not even benefit from this attack.
The second way the network can be attacked is backdoor this attack is basically when you can access a computer program that side-steps security, the hackers use backdoors that they made or backdoors they found, …show more content…

The sixth attack that can damage the network is viruses; this attack is well known around the world as it can infect the network very fast, by using the hardware and even using the network connection. How the virus can damage the network is by spreading itself by duplicating itself so there is no more storage left on the network. Also the virus is used to damage the network by trying to find a pattern so it can find important information like password and usernames.
The last two attacks that can damage the network in different ways is Trojans and worms, I will start off with Trojans how Trojans inter the network is when a person downloads free software or programs to the system and they is a Trojan with them, this is why it is very hard for anti-virus software to find and damage the Trojans. The Trojans attacks the network by modifying blocking and even delete data. The last attack that I will describing is Worms, worms and viruses are similar in the way how fast they spread through the network, worms also fill up the storage space with junk the result of this slows down the

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