Nt1330 Unit 7 Essay

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1. How can the computer and the Internet increase a paralegal’s productivity? The computer and the internet increase paralegal’s productivity by giving them the ability to complete their work while they are away from their offices any time of the day or night. The use of technology is critical in a paralegal job about 75% of the job relates to computers. The majority of the task that a paralegal completes is done electronically this includes preparing documents, filing documents, conducting legal research, preparing billing statements, and communicating with either the clients or the attorneys. Using the computer also saves the paralegal valuable time, since it is no longer necessary to review hard copy files for information. 2. What…show more content…
Documents are created then are sent to a reviewer for any corrections that may need to be done. When the document is complete it is then sent by email, fax and in some cases filed electronically with the court. This is all completed without using any paper. Using a paperless office increases efficiency and makes the job easier. By using a paperless office the administration can get their work completed quicker due since everything can be received and sent electronically without having to search through stacks of paper. 9. What is the function of a network server? The function of a network server is to connect a group of workstations. It can communicate with the connected workstations and other devices. Those that are connected are called “connections” which are linked to a file server. A network server will store files and allow computers to access and share files with others who are on the same network. 10. Why is making a backup essential in a law office? Making a backup file is essential in a law office because it will copy everyone’s files. Backing up data regularly is essential to prevent the loss of data in case of disasters such as power outage, flood or fire. Without a backup file it would be impossible to try and recreate files that were
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