Nt1330 Unit 7

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1. Viruses Can destroy all of the data and erase all of the file or misused by the attacker. Have the anti-virus downloaded in your computer and make sure your computer is completely updated. 2. Phishing Attacker will be able to get the private information of the person and will gain access on computer Be able to recognize the fake emails from the attacker and avoid opening them up. 3. Dumpster divers Dumpster diver will dig for the information that has all of the information about payroll, position and title that puts business at risk Destroy or shred all of the information that is not needed to avoid the information to be misused by the attacker. Application and Network Attacks 4. Letting the Ex-employee log in to the system even after he leaves the company It will destroy and …show more content…

All of the patches in the system that are have not been re-patched which leaves the system with vulnerabilities. This risk leaves the business system open for hackers to break in and access all of the companies’ personal information The businesses should make sure that all of the patches are re-patched to reduce risk of business Physical Security 7. Most of the companies and schools use cipher lock to restrict the access to the certain area of companies or school. The individuals who are not authorized can do shoulder surfing to gain access to the restricted areas. To reduce the risk, companies or schools should use multi authentication. 8. Natural disaster Can result in loss of important and confidential information of businesses Back-up the systems on regular basis to avoid losing all of the data. 9. Unauthorized user gain the access to your workstation This risk could be loss of your personal information and data on your computer Should monitor the access to your workplace. Wireless Vulnerabilities 10. Wi-Fi protected access (WPA) Sharing the key can be dangerous for the networks We should change the keys every single day and must be disclosed to guest

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