Nt1330 Unit 8.1 Case Study

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70-687 Scenario 1-1: Windows Enterprise would be the best option, but for this small business network I would think 8.1 Pro. Features within Windows 8.1 Pro allow an organization to centrally manage a network, including user profiles and computer settings, from a single server. Windows 8.1 pro also includes Hyper-V, Bitlocker, and Remote-Desktop hosting. Scenario 1-2: Yes. This would be an adequate solution for what Mr. Ortiz would need. Mr. Ortiz wants to use Web-Based applications, Which will be built in a website requiring an active internet connection. Mr Ortiz doesn’t need much hard drive space, or a good processor. Scenario 2-1 The first thing a desktop support technician should do is backup all files that the customer wants to…show more content…
Using applocker, you must create rules that enable users to access the files needed for Windows and the system’s installed applications to run. Scenario 6-1 Sophia can create rules that allow this program to run but not allow other programs to run. Scenario 7-1 SmartScreen Filter in Internet explorer 8 has multiple mechanisms for observing sketchy websites. One of these is to analyze web pages for different phrases and patterns that would represent a phishing attempt. This does not use any more bandwidth usage and can be used on company workstations. Other parts of SSF (SmartScreen Filter) performs online lookups of various sites and down sites using a database that Microsoft controls. This although involves more bandwidth. (And can not be used for this answer.) Scenario 7-2 I do not understand this question, compatibility problems with a website? The only thing I could think are compatibility problems with Apps that would just involve right clicking it and going to properties < Compatibility < Run this program in compatibility mode for: and then choose an OS. Scenario

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