Nt1330 Unit 9 Cloud Project

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David Ward Dr. Powell Principles of Info Systems November 12, 2015 Cloud Project The purpose of this project is to investigate different cloud services that are being offered in today’s marketplace, analyze their different benefits as well as negatives, and pick a company who offers services that suits my business best. Regardless of what website we are looking at, all of the websites are offering the same thing, which is a cloud service. Cloud computing service providers can provide IT services, ranging from storage space all the way to complete applications. This has become a viable service, as these companies have the ability to provide IT services with higher quality and more efficiently than their customers can. Not to mention that these companies have a high level of experience and have knowledge on how to properly run data centers. This assures to the companies who are paying for it that their data is secure. This being said, the five component frameworks for all of these cloud services are generally the same: Part 1…show more content…
In general, the company provides the hardware required to keep the desired services up and running. This is seen as a benefit to most companies where they don’t have to waste time and resources on investing in hardware to run their company, as well as hire people who have the required ability and knowledge to run it. The only additional hardware that is provided by these companies is where they offer Infrastructure as a Service, where hardware and storage space in the cloud are leased to the

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