Nt1330 Unit 9 Final Report

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Contents TASK 1 1 1.1)TYPICAL AXIS CONVENTION 1 1.2) operations of types of drives and axis control system. 4 1.3) SIX DEGREES OF FREEDOM. 8 1.4] WORK HOLDING DEVICE FOR LATHE 8 TASK 2. 12 2.1) Assess the suitability of machine tools for the production of following components 12 2.2) SEQUENCE OF OPERATIONS TO PRODUCE THE GIVEN COMPONENT 13 2.3) MACHINING AND FORMING PROCESS 13 TASK 3 14 3.1) Appropriate tool for production 14 3.2] Forces that act during ideal orthogonal cutting: 14 3.4] Mechanisms and effects of different types of tool wear and catastrophic failure: 15 [3.5] Life of single point cutting tool over multipoint cutting tool: 16 TASK 4 16 P[4.2]Correct tool and machine settings for increasing the hole diameter to precise size. 16…show more content…
 the turning operations is done until the diameter of the cylindrical object is 19mm and then, the facing for the work piece .  Step turning is done in the right side end. The length of the step turning is 30mm and the diameter of it is 16mm.  Tapering is done by changing the angle of the tool and its done till the next 30mm from the step turning.  Chamfering is done at both ends of the work piece.  Knurling is now done at the left side of the work piece and the operation is done up to a length of 40mm.  Threading is then done to the work piece by an automatic feed shaft .  The pitch of the threading is given as 2mm. The threading is done for the right side 30mm. [b] Since the work piece is not in a cylindrical object and is having holes in it, the process is to be done in a milling machine and the drilling machine is also used in manufacturing the given component.  A work piece of size 90*65*12 is required for manufacturing the…show more content…
Because it shouldn’t break during the operation. When the material is cast iron then the tool should be even stronger than the material. For cast iron, a single point cutting tool of high speed steel and carbon steels should be used for this. There are cutting tools that are even stronger and powerful but the purpose of those is to cut even stronger materials. So in Cast iron, carbon steel and high speed steels are the perfect tools for the purpose of facing and turning operations. material Specific features Galvanized iron Sheet metal Slabs of galvanised iron are pushed into the rollers and made to pass through them Rollers made up of grey iron is mostly used for rolling process. High amount of load acting on the material which is at its recrystallization point tends to deform and then sheet metal is formed. Grey cast iron is used and it is considerably harder as it has some graphite content in its mixture which makes it hard. material Specific features iron Surface grinding Cubic boron nitrate and diamond is used and in conventional- silicon carbide, ceramic grains or aluminium oxide is used. Since iron comes under the conventional grinding, grinding wheels that are made of silicon carbide, ceramic grains or aluminium oxide could be

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