Nt1330 Unit 9

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Unit 9, Lesson 9: Digital Business Cards and Brochures
54.12— Define data mining.
54.13— Identify basic tools and techniques of data mining.
54.14— Explain the use of data mining in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
54.15—Identify ethical issues of data mining.

Lesson Intro

Reading 9.9:

Activity 9.9:

Unit 9, Lesson 10: Digital Business Cards and Brochures
55.01—Publicize e-commerce site through non-Internet means such as mail, press release, broadcast media, print media, and specialty advertising.
55.02—Prepare a display advertisement for an e-commerce product or service.
55.03—Create offline ads for an e-commerce product or service. (flyer, handout, …show more content…


E-mail newsletter etiquette

1. Be brief. From the subject line to the "call-to-action," keep it short. Potential customers won't give you much time to make your pitch. They have places to go! People to see!

2. Use larger fonts. Minimum of 14pt font in the body, and 24pt for your headings.

3. Make big, noticeable "call-to-action" buttons for your customers to click. Make it as easy as possible to navigate where you want people to go.

4. Design your format to be "mobile-friendly," also called "responsive." Some newer programs can do this automatically. The key is you want it to look just as good on customers' phones as it does on their desktops.

5. Always include a "Subscribe / Unsubscribe" button somewhere in your email (typically the bottom). Most mass-mail services will include the unsubscribe button function. Are you content with your newsletter's content?

But what do you put in the newsletter?

The challenge is to create content that will make customers feel grateful. Something free is always good, but we don't want to give away the farm. Here are some content ideas:

1. Free download of a worksheet, e-book, or

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