Nt1330 Week 1 Case Study Client 1

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Client 1: The form of business organization I would recommend for client 1 is a partnership with his brother. I say this would be a good partnership for this business because both skills of the owner and the brother can make the business very successful. Once profits start coming in and there are more sales they can hire people to help with the packaging and the baking part of the business, but for now they should just keep the business small. A disadvantage with working with his brother is that there may be personal problems and emotions involved. This can be resolved by making a contract and by making certain rules such as “to keep thing professional when talking about the business, no emotions involved.” This can resolve the problem with working with his brother.…show more content…
This would be an excellent business organization because there wouldn’t be any liability since the owner has the money to purchase the chocolate machine so there wouldn’t be any debt. Also, the ownership would be shared so there wouldn’t be a lot of pressure on what person. Next, since the business has failed the first couple of times this partnership can be the start for new ideas in order to keep the business from shutting down as the previous times. Lastly, the partner should be good at handling day-to-day operations, so the other person wouldn’t have to struggle with that. A disadvantage is that the profits will have to be shared and there will be arguments on how to run the business. A solution to this problem is to split the profits in advance so there wouldn’t be a problem in the

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