Nt2580 Case 4.1

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4.1 Theft In the event of physical thefts of company equipment or other network property we have to secure vulnerabilities in company property access and perimeter physical barrier that protects all company assets. To prevent intruders from accessing company grounds without authorization we have many choices in physical controls such as surveillance cable/laptop locks, cameras, security guard, alarm system, access control scanners at entry points, mantraps. As a preventative measure from property break-ins, all lower level (easily accessed from outside) office windows must be protected by installing window bars and/or using fence that secures all company property limits. In addition, a mantrap interlocking door control would greatly increase security. The interlocking door control system only allows a single individual at a time to enter the “trap”, the individual is than required to provide credential such as smart card, biometric verification, PIN and key fob in order to gain access to company grounds. All traffic in and out of the mantrap can be monitored via surveillance cameras for auditing and log activity. Another alternative would be the implementation of a security guard and surveillance cameras, which is a lower cost option but poses higher risk of theft…show more content…
All-in-one Internet security solutions provide reliable, budget friendly Firewall, Antivirus, Antispyware protection against all known threats, however they should be kept up to date either via automatic updates or manual. Internet security software and antimalware filters must be configured to properly examine and filter all web content and email attachments. Since there is no guarantee that your system is fully protected from all identified threats, make sure that systems are backed up daily and all sensitive and confidential data is

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