Nthati And Social Identity

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1. Consider Nthati’s story above and write down how you think he has been affected in the following ways: Academically, self-esteem and confidence and identity issues.

Academically: Nthati has suffered academically since having to learn in English, his marks have dropped substantially in all subjects besides Sesotho. He has lost his motivation and it appears to his teachers as if he is a weak student. He probably feels unsure of how to use English academically since he was taught only how to use it socially in his previous school. There is also bound to be a difference between the discourse of this school compared to his primary discourse which could lead to some of his work being ‘lost in translation’.
Self-esteem and confidence: Nthati has become very withdrawn. He has not made many friends and feels isolated. Because of this as well as his lowered academics his self-esteem and confidence has dropped. Nthati is struggling to make friends due to the barrier caused by not successfully integrating into the secondary discourse he uses at school which could also contribute to him feeling a lack of confidence.
Identity issues: Societies, such as schools, are important in helping individuals to construct their social identity. If Nthati does not make friends and feel comfortable in his surroundings at school he could struggle with developing his social and personal identity. There are also bound to be fundamental differences between his primary discourse and the secondary
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