Nub 440 Week 2 Assignment

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I took the Kaplan Integrated test for NUB 440(Medical Surgical) and these were the remediation topics that emerged from the questions I answered incorrectly: multiple sclerosis, lidocaine, peritoneal dialysis, Parkinson’s disease, hip fracture, pneumothorax, prednisone, type 2 diabetes, detached retina, buck’s traction, closed head injury, transesophageal echocardiogram, benign prostatic hypertrophy, cystic fibrosis, glomerulonephritis, cardiac dysrhythmias, thyroidectomy, pressure ulcer, intracranial tumor, cataracts, hepatitis A, stroke, epilepsy, somogyi effect, pancreatitis, meningitis. During my review and analysis, I discovered that I changed 6 incorrect answers to correct answer which was to my advantage. In addition, I changed 1 correct…show more content…
Although I practiced all the focused review tests, but I need to read and understand the questions to be able to choose the best option in subsequent tests. I also studied my lecture notes and textbook. The areas for improvement in the categories below are addressed. Level of Difficulty – I need to improve on Understanding Concepts, making nursing judgement and setting priorities. I did well in recalling/recognizing information. Nursing Process-I need to improve in the following areas: assessment, diagnose, and planning. I did well in implementation and evaluation. Clinical Concepts –I did very well in meeting Client Needs (psychosocial), health promotion and maintenance, communication, and critical thinking. I need to improve on diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and meeting clients’ needs (physical). Demographics –I did not do well in this area. Client Needs – I did well in all but health promotion and maintenance and physiological integrity. Client Need Category – I need to improve on health promotion and maintenance, basic care and comfort, pharmacological, and physiological adaptation. I am going to do the following three things to improve my test taking

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