Nubia And Inca Similarities

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History has proven that many ancient civilizations have existed before the Europeans and Native Americans, although they are not as extensively studied in American history. These ancient societies were, and still are, significant in world history as they developed their own ideas, beliefs, and practices and influenced the world in one way or another. Two of these kingdoms – Nubia and the Inca Empire – are similar in their role to the development of their kingdom, yet they functioned in different ways to affect the individual continents in which they were located. When compared, it is comprehended that these kingdoms were somehow relatively similar considering the lack of direct communication between them.
The Nubian and Incan empires, both empires of much wealth and influence, had many similarities one of the many including how they left their history behind. Through sculpture and storytelling, both civilizations passed information down to the next generation. The artistic expressions between these two kingdoms are also intriguingly similar; both feature pottery, statues, wood carvings, and art that emphasizes animals. Another important similarity between the Nubians and the Incans was the resemblance in religious …show more content…

It is known to be located around modern-day Peru and is the largest empire in the Americas. This kingdom started when the Incans migrated to the land around the Andes mountains and, eventually, built an empire in which there was only a spoken language, no written language, known as Quechua. The land of Tawantinsuyu specialized in architecture and government, but they also brought in wealth by trading on the Inca Road Network - a road in which they used a barter system where resources were traded instead of money. Tawantinsuyu’s rulers were men called Incas and, unlike Nubia, the Incan’s highest god was the sun

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