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Rameses II of Egypt & Queen Nefertari Of Nubia will be joining hands in marriage. The people of Egypt and Nubia will be celebrating this marriage on May 31,1312 BC at Abu Simbel. Please wear white if attending the ceremony.

The people of Nubia and Egypt are glad that the fighting and conquering of one another is over. So of the high rankings will be sad because they will have to work together and “fight” over certain rankings and positions (like the americans and russians in the movie “The man from Uncle”). When attending the ceremony it's ought to believe that people wore white as they do now in Kemet.

Queen Nefertari
The Queen of Kemet lived about 1292-1225 B.C (during The New Kingdom) “Nefertari carried the title God's Wife of Amun which gave the holder considerable independent wealth and power, and wore the elaborate head-dress of Ahmose-Nefertari, but we actually know very little about her activities as Queen” (Womenintheacientworld). The now Queen of upper and lower Egypt, played a prominent role in state ceremonies and then disappeared for awhile and then reappeared about eighteen years before appearing again to write a letter to the Queen of Hatti where a treaty between the two countries
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He was the third Egyptian pharaoh and reigned the 19th Dynasty in Upper Egypt. Ramesses II was born and raised in the area, and family connections may have played a part in his decision to move his capital so far northward from the existing capital at Thebes; but geopolitical reasons may have been of greater importance, as Pi-Ramesses was much closer to the Egyptian vassal states in Asia and to the border with the hostile Hittite empire. Intelligence and diplomats would reach the Pharaoh much more quickly, and the main corps of the army were also encamped in the city and could quickly be mobilized to deal with incursions of Hittites or Shasu nomads from across the

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