Nubia Strengths And Weaknesses

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Over the past few weeks it has come to my attention that there are many conflicts about whether or not Nubia equals the power, strength, and success of Egypt. I have looked into this conflict and I have come up with the conclusion of; no Nubia has not equaled the power, strength, or success of Egypt. I will prove this by showing you how the strengths of Nubia and how they dwindle in comparison to Egypt 's. Then, I will show you the weaknesses of Nubia. Next, I will explain my thesis statement using the information I’ve already stated, using the weaknesses and strengths. Finally, I will conclude my essay. Now it 's time to start my essay and look at the strengths of Nubia.
The strengths of Nubia are kind of great, but they’re pretty small compared to Egypt’s. Herodotus said, “The Ethiopians … are said to be the tallest and handsomest men in the whole world.” This is a strength
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It is now time to look at the strengths and weaknesses to see if Nubia did actually equal the the amazing strengths, powers, and success’ of ancient Egypt. It is very true that Nubia did at one point conquer Egypt. Egypt has been dominating Nubia for several centuries, and has been stealing from them for centuries as well. Also, it is true that in Nubia they eventually built trading posts and temples. All of the trading posts and temples were adopted from the Egyptians as well as their gods, artistic style, and religious writing. It is true that Nubia was very wealthy. Even when they were wealthy, they kind of weren 't because Egypt came and took their gold and their wealth. It is very apparent that Nubia did import fruits and melons from central Africa. Though this is true, Egypt had the Nile river and didn 't have to import anything; they just had their food their. Nubia is a pretty solid civilization but it trembles in comparison to the strengths, power and success of the amazing civilization of Egypt. Now it is time to conclude my essay about Nubia and how it lacks in comparison
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