Nubian Kings In Ancient Egypt

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Nubian kings were the mysterious Black Pharaohs of what is today known as the Sudan. Their history and the stories of their reign has become legendary amongst Africans and African Americans seeking their true ancestral roots. Although, the Nubian history is written off as heresy by early archeologists. These archeologists were driven by their ignorance. They had no belief that dark skinned people, especially Africans, could have risen to such high lengths in power. But now, in the heart of Sudan, great new archaeological findings reveal the actual truths about the great Kush dynasty. I believe with deep consideration of the findings within this ancient first cataract of Ancient Egypt, archeologists and historians will modify this history disaster…show more content…
Eventually, in about 200 ACE, they were overthrown by the ancient Ethiopian kingdom based within the city of Axum. In 400 ACE, Meroe was attacked and destroyed. Egyptians that had earlier migrated to Kush, the Kushites themselves began a massive departure that would have effects all the way out to the southern and western regions of the continent. Axum, which was Kush’s successor, settled within the Ethiopian highlands. This was not far from the Red Sea. The shipping city for Axum was the Red Sea port of Adulis. Axum traded goods such as cloth and finished irons with these peoples in exchange for iron ore, gold, hides and enslaved Africans. These goods were traded between Arabia, Persia, Constantinople and India from the port of Adulis. During the fourth and fifth centuries ACE, they controlled much of Arabia, modern day Ethiopia and Sudan. Axum turned out to be the legendary kingdom of…show more content…
They had fallen under the persistent attacks of nomads from southern and eastern lands. Not to mention the steadily emerging Axum Kingdom in Ethiopia that challenged the Kush Kingdom and eventually contributed to its demise. After a thousand years, by 2000 BCE, Nubia gradually evolved, it became larger and more powerful than ever. Nubia became known as the Kingdom of Kush. The people of this kingdom traded ivory and other treasures from southern Africa with the peoples who lived further north. Around 1500 BCE Egyptian leaders sent armies that would overpower Kush. For nearly 500 years, Kush would be controlled by the Egyptians. The Kush people were forced to pay the Pharaoh a tribute. Eventually, however, around 1000 BCE Kush gained enough power to turn the tables on Egypt. The Kush people had gained their freedom from the Egyptians. In 724 BCE, a very large and well trained Kushite army was able to rise and invade Egypt. They gained control over

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