Nuclear Energy Advantages And Disadvantages

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The nuclear energy has many issues such as environmental, health and security risks which makes it undesirable substitute of the fossil fuel. The UAE nuclear reactors are generated with the highest international standards for safety, performance and environmental impact, however this does not justifies that the nuclear energy is a desirable source. The cost for constructing the nuclear reactors in UAE is around 20 billion dollars, as well as it is estimated to cost another 20 billion dollars for the next 60 years of operation and this without including the cost for building the storage facilities of the nuclear waste [4]. Hence it is a costly alternative energy [1]. Moreover it is unsafe and dangerous to have nuclear reactors because any human…show more content…
One of the major obstacles is that the country is dusty and a sand layer on one of the panels is enough to make it useless. In addition if a sand storm hits the solar farm, it is capable to shut 50% of the performance of the array. Hence if it is not cleaned it will cause a huge output lose that will affect the company profit line at the end of the year. Since Masdar solar farm is 2.5KM wide it is going to consume a lot of water to clean the panels, also thousands of workers are needed to clean this dust which will raise the labor cost. Even with this huge number of workers, it is impossible to clean the whole farm efficiently to give 100% performance. Another issue is humidity since it is above average in UAE and especially in the summer. This relative humidity creates a layer of water vapor on the surface on the panel which decreases the efficiency of the panel. It causes voltage, current and power drop and this facts were proven in the countries with hot climate and high humidity levels. Another problem with the solar panels is the cloudy days which is uncontrollable and decreases the performance of the farm. Also it should be considered that the output of the farm is quite low at night. All of these issues combined might cause a serious trouble when it comes to solar energy in United Arab

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