Nuclear Energy: Positive Or Negative?

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Nuclear Energy

Is Nuclear Energy a positive thing or a negative? Did Nuclear Energy help us a lot in daily life? In nowadays people uses nuclear energy to (2)replace Coal, Natural Gas, Petroleum. Nuclear energy can create a big amount of energy, but nuclear energy had that big advantage also it will had negative. It can cause lots of damage if nuclear power lek out.

Nuclear Energy: Sustainability

Nuclear Energy is also a very sustainable sources of energy. The structure of nuclear power station are very safe. (4)For example America’s 100 nuclear energy facilities are more than safest and most secure facilities. Inside the construction it got muti automatic safety system. That can protect the nuclear in any sources of problems.

Working Principles of Nuclear Fission

(1)The nucleus of uranium is held together with strong force . When it is bombarded by a neutron, it will perform a process called nuclear fission . Uranium atoms are very large, as a result, the binding force in the nucleus is relatively weak, so uranium is easy to split into smaller nucleus and release a lot of energy .

Fig. 1 Nuclear Fission

How the Nuclear Power Plant works?

(3)Simply Nuclear Power is neutrons hitting on Uranium causes splitting, when the process of splitting it release small nucleus, while the process occurring. It
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These things causes thousand tons of waste, they will be dumped lane, through time the toxic of those material will be carried by wind random gases. With those gases or waste had been carried all the way for miles, maybe will affect the nature of the forest or even the food chain and also enoughed animal. Not even only the real material waste, but also Radioactive waste. Those waste are came from the reaction during in the reactor. It will cause people health and environment disaster if a large amount of radioactive that we
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