Nuclear Energy Research Paper

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We use energy in our lives every day. Lately our energy sources on the planet are becoming scares; therefore scientists are busy researching new ways to make energy available for our everyday use. There are many different kinds of energy in the universe, one of the most recent and closest is the sun, which seems to be an unlimited source of energy. The energy coming from the sun lights the sky and to an extent warms the whole ecosystem. This enormous type of energy from the sun is called nuclear energy. Nuclear Energy is the power produced during a nuclear reaction. It is the energy released from the change in the nucleus of an atom that produces energy known as nuclear power. This power can be produced in two different ways — by nuclear fusion,…show more content…
The Chernoby was some how different as Chernoby had no containment structure, and all security systems were deliberately avoided due that it was night. This lead to the 600-ton graphite moderator to catch fire and burn, leading to 29 deaths and n severely irradiated by the radiation, but survived. Chernobyl is the complete example of what not to do with a nuclear reactor: a bad design, an unstable reactor, controlled in an experiment with all security systems disconnected. After this incident, nuclear power plants owners have invested much money trying to have the safest nuclear power plant. The only accident after that was the TMI (three Mile Island), it was counted as” the worst accident in a nuclear power plant”. However the radioactivity released was almost completely restricted within the reinforced and secure concrete containment. The small amount of radioactivity that escaped was quite harmless. No one at TMI was seriously exposed nor did anyone die. The worst possible accident happened (core meltdown) yet no one died or was even injured, which is a great success. These are just sporadic incidents, as when compared to the number of accidents that occur in fossil fuel industries, like gas pipelines and coal mines that have a history of eruption and hazardous accidents. On of the biggest fear humans have on the idea of nuclear power is the terror of radiation; this can be easily overcome by educating the people about the method of radiation and its behavior. Some people will be surprised by the facts that radiation has been a part of our environment ever since the begging of time and that radiation in reasonable amounts can be an advantageous to our health. Therefore, radiation should not be feared need but can be controlled suitably to serve mankind in a positive

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