Amityville Horror Film Analysis

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Horror films have the capacity to be utilized as vehicles to discuss or address issues of social change and societal transformation. This essay is concerned with the function of the nuclear family in horror films. The question that is the focus of this essay is: how does the horror film use the family to address social issues? Therefore, this essay theorizes that horror films utilize the nuclear family to demonstrate the impact and effect that societal change can have on individuals within the family. In horror films, the father plays a key role in the disintegration of the family, he is driven by the possessing, alienating and isolating force of his environment to destroy his family. If the father is unable to adapt to the new environment…show more content…
It is apparent that the couple has an amicable relationship with each other and are supportive and communicative. George is a seemingly good husband and father, he treats Kathy and the kids well. On their first night in the house, George takes a sleeping Amy into her room, and tucks her in putting her to sleep. He seamlessly occupies the role of a caring and loving father. As the film progresses we see a shift in George’s personality and behaviour towards his family. He grows cold, emotionally and physically; not only does he physically complain about being cold throughout the film, but he has become distant towards Kathy and their children. The house can be identified as the cause of this coldness but physically and emotionally. Under the influence of the house George transforms into sick, violent, aggressive, verbally and physically abusive individual. George’s behaviour is normalized and explained away as stress due to moving but his family, coworkers and friends notice these erratic personality changes. Some examples are when George becomes easily irritated at those in his family, he begins to yell at the kids, demanding they do as he says; he even goes so far as to slap Kathy. This aggression towards his family signal George’s possible regret and resentment of marrying Kathy and having the additional responsibilities of becoming a father to children that not biologically
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