Nuclear Energy Essay

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Nuclear Energy
Nuclear energy is a strong force that holds together the nucleus in an atom. To release this energy in order to produce electricity, scientist use the processes called nuclear fusion and nuclear fission. Once the energy is released, it will change into radiation which is a form of energy. Before nuclear energy was generated, we use fossil fuel to produce electricity. However, fossil fuels such as coal and oil contributes detrimental air pollution. According to a study, the use of fossil fuels contributes approximately 1.8 million air-pollution related death globally. Therefore, scientist came up with the idea of nuclear energy. Nuclear energy can decrease the air pollution by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases that will
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Nuclear energy can reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses, so it reduce the air-pollution. In addition, fossil fuels will run-out eventually because they are limited natural resources, but nuclear energy are unlimited and more environmentally friendly. Uranium is the key element to produce nuclear energy, for mining uranium, commonwealth and state governments have responsibilities. Also, electricity and waste management are state responsibilities controlled by state legislation. Another political effect is that nuclear energy might increase the risk of nuclear war, due to the hazards and problems. There’s social effects because the nuclear energy can be use in people’s house, school, workplace and so…show more content…
It can also stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations. Even though it will produce some radioactive waste, but is won’t release if the government manage them safely. According to Patrick Moore’s state, “Nuclear energy may just be the energy source that can save our planet from another possible disaster: catastrophic climate change. Nuclear energy is the only large scale, cost-effective energy source that can reduce carbon dioxide emissions while continuing to satisfy a growing demand for
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