Nuclear Energy

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Nuclear energy is the energy that is found in the nucleus of an atom. Atoms are smaller particles, which can be divided into a material. In the nucleus of each atom there are two types of particles (neutrons and protons) which are always united. Nuclear energy is the energy that allows the permanent union of neutrons and protons.
In this section, we discuss the pros and cons of nuclear energy. Although most organizations related to nuclear energy has already an opinion for or against the use of nuclear energy, on this site, we will try to make an objective analysis: to provide maximum information to the visitors can draw their own conclusions.
Currently, about a third of the energy produced in Europe comes from nuclear power, which
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Once built, nuclear reactors have a lapse date. After reaching this date, it is necessary to remove them so that , in the main countries producing nuclear energy , to maintain a constant amount of operative reactors should be built about 80 new nuclear reactors in the next ten years.
It is precisely because nuclear power plants have a limited lifespan that investment for the construction of a nuclear power plant is very high and you have to amortize in a very short time, hence the rising cost of electricity produced. In other words, the energy produced is low cost compared to the cost of fuel, but given the need for amortization of the construction of the nuclear power prices increase significantly.
Nuclear plants are targets for terrorist organizations.
The production of nuclear energy involves external dependence. Few countries have uranium mines and all do not have nuclear technology; therefore, they need to use these two products from
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But these assessments are based on electrical balance "Franco- French " while the extraction and concentration of the fuel are abroad ( Niger , Canada, Australia). In addition , they do not account for the lack of material recycling of nuclear plants. Storage and processing of radioactive waste and request asking for thousands of years, a significant energy expenditure with unavoidable CO2 emissions. In any case , the carbon footprint of the fuel cycle is not negligible
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