Essay On Nuclear Safety Culture

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The meaning of safety is to protect human begin, equipment and environment from harm damage, hazards and losses. The safety must be in our houses, schools, universities, offices, companies and industries. It is relevant in all other branches managers, engineers and operators who works in nuclear power plant must know the nuclear safety culture. In UAE, Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FNAR) have the responsibilities of the nuclear safety and employees rights. Moreover (FANR) provide a safe place of work, safe equipment, safe plant and enough information about the work for the employees. Also it is important for the employees to take care of their own health. In general, Occupational Safety and Health in Abu Dhabi (OSHAD) is the main organization for safety. This report will discuss about the definition of nuclear safety culture, principles of nuclear safety culture and important nuclear power plant accidents didn’t apply the principles of nuclear safety culture.…show more content…
One of them, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) define nuclear safety culture "as a core values and action produce from a collective commitment by head and individuals confirm safety to include production of public and environment". The other one is," set of properties, behaviors, and action in organization and individuals to improve nuclear safety and security problem extradite the attention warranted their importance". After stating these definitions I understand that safety become first than finical stuff and everyone should depend on himself, also everyone should follow the safety rules provided by regulator. This definitions established after nuclear power plant accidents they made meeting to discuss the reason behind the accidents and to prevent it from happening again. Which these accidents have affected the economy and
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