Nuclear Weapons And Its Impact On Terrorism

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The nature of religion, as a motivation for terrorism, is more likely to support, and even demand high levels of violence besides extremely destructive secular terrorist groups. The danger of non-conventional terrorism is especially acute in the case of messianic or millenarianism groups since, in some cases, they may come to believe that their role and duty is to speed the end of the world, to facilitate redemption. This problem of religious-inspired violence is even greater now, as the millenarian groups increase. There is no doubt that the attraction of using nuclear weapons has had some impact on the tactical decisions of would-be terrorists. Low level nuclear terrorism is already a reality which has been proved by Chechen guerrilla leader, Shamy Basayev on 23 November 1995. Nuclear weapon has a considerable value as a terrorist instrument, since the mere fact of being ‘nuclear’ would almost certainly ensure that it had vast power, having a considerable impact on the public’s imagination and fear, and thus on a government response. Being ‘nuclear’, it would also convey added prestige and status on the perpetrations. Finally, it would set them apart from other groups, in a way that even the use of biological or chemical weapons could not. Hence, where the objective is to set the group apart from others and to guarantee that the group continues to be noticed, to be acknowledge as an important entity, radiological terrorism, combining the coercive advantage of being
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