Nucleolus Research Paper

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The nucleolus functions by manufacturing ribosomes contain the cell 's RNA (Ribonucleic acid). RNA is one of the vital factors that keep the cell functioning. Ribosomes create the proteins needed for the basic functions of the cell.


The nucleus controls all actions that occur throughout the nerve cell. As Well the nucleus holds the “DNA” of the cell within itself. The nucleus gives the command to either grow, divide or reproduce and has a membrane of its own, the nuclear membrane.


Ribosomes are made of two different parts, the small and large ribosomal subunits. These two subunits are manufactured in the core of the cell, the nucleolus. Once the two parts locate each other they form a complete ribosome. This final ribosome product is capable of turning genetic code found in
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Rough and smooth the endoplasmic reticulum is formed in a chain-link pattern located throughout the nerve cell. The rough endoplasmic reticulum is cover with small ribosomes, giving it a lumpy appearance.


Lysosomes are multiple membrane-enclosed organelles that deconstruct and digest waste within the cell. Any useless and damaged organelle or food are delivered to the lysosomes to be reconstructed into a fundamental building aspect for the cell.


Mitochondria generate an alternate energy source, chemical energy. The mitochondria do this by taking the energy from food that the cell takes in or creates. After they collect the chemical energy the mitochondria convert it into a more accessible energy source, ATP.

Golgi Complex:

The Golgi complex prepares, packages and distributes substances out of the cell. The reason for this is the cell wants to stay even with the entire body. If 60% of the water is in the cell, the Golgi complex is going to get rid of 10% of the water to even it out.
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