Nuko Sha Uri Naugabo Analysis

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Another Ndabaga Version
‘Nuko sha uri umugabo’ is a statement used in Rwandan culture to congratulate someone who did something great. The real meaning of the statement is ‘You did it, you’re a man’. Men are considered to be a center of heroism and strength not only in Rwandan culture but also in the world at large. This is proved by the fact that during the era of kingdoms, only men were entrusted to be kings and have other leadership roles. This assumption seems to be quite invalid because there exists living testimonies that contradict it: strong and brave women leaders. Paying the Liberia’s heavy national debt, improving living standard of Liberians, polishing Liberia’s image worldwide, and empowering women and girls, should entitle Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as an influential woman.
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf paid the 4.9 billion dollars debt that Liberia owned. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf ran her first mandate in 2006. By that time Liberia was a torn-up element. It had been in two bloody civil wars that lasted for fourteen years. According to the guardian, the first civil war was from 1989 until 1997. 250,000 were killed, 1 million displaced and at least 25,000 raped. Poverty was a common aspect for all since everything had been damaged. In addition, the second civil war left a lot of property destructed,
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She proved it in several ways such as bringing peace back in Liberia, paying most of its national heavy debt, improving the wellbeing of Liberian citizens, and empowering women and girls through her thoughtful quotes and deeds. In Rwandan traditional stories, women were always portrayed as weak creatures except one brave girl in a million: Ndabaga. Rwandans and other people who know about Rwandan traditional stories consider Ndabaga to be the only brave and strong girl. Analyzing H.E Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s deed, she is another version of

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