Number 14 Reflection

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Overall I believe that the poor grade I received in this test is due to the fact that I didn't double check my answers and read carefully even though I had plenty of time to do so.It waqs a very poor decision on my part but I learned from it and in the future I will make sure that I double check all of my answers and that I read very carefully all of the questions and think throughly my response.
My first wrong answer was number 6, it asked about the what group was overlooked in criminal researched but it was indeed the fastest growing majority in prison. I answered asians because I didn't remember reading this information in the book and two I focused on the part that said traditionally overlooked so I thought a race that may be overlooked
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I found the answer to that question in page 105.
Number 15 asked about the what officers learns during field training and I chose A because I confused field training with academy training, I was actually very surprised I got it wrong because I remembered reading that during field training officers are thought laws of search, arrest etc. but once I went looking for the page where I found the right answer I noticed I got field training and academy training mixed up. I found the right answer in page 110.
Number 16 asked about which level of policing has the broadest authority and I thought I chose Municiple but I circled the wrong answer I accidently circled the one under it instead. I knew the right answer just out of common sense but the answer can be found in page 114.
Number 17 asked about what was clearance rate. I couldn't completely recal if it was the number of crimes that resulted in criminal conviction or arrest and prosecution, therefore I took an educated guess and it was the wrong one.I found the right answer in page

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