Number Nine Persuasive Speech

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If the weird ways to die listed in Part 1 weren’t quite odd enough for you, we have plenty more to entertain you. Find out seven more things that you shouldn’t do that are probably common sense, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded! Number Seven: Drunk Tweet Coincidence. Tweeting and driving is bad, and drinking and driving is even worse. To show you how right your parents were, we have an ironic little example. A young man with the street name “Inky” decided it was a good idea to drive drunk after a night out. Even worse, he tweeted about it, saying he was “Drunk af going 120 drifting corners YOLO”. After breaking four laws, he and his friends were killed in an accident. Number Six: Drowning in Poop. Of all the ways to die, I don’t think any could be worse than drowning in a sea of poop. Farmer Glen Nole went out one day with his two sons to retrieve some fertilizer for their farm. When trying to get manure out of the Maryland dairy farm, one fell in. The other two struggled to help him, causing them to also fall in and leaving the three to their crappy demise. Number Five: Viagra Overdose. If two attractive women made you a bet for $3,000…show more content…
Vitamins are important, but it’s important to get the right amount. A man named Basil Brown sipped up ten whole gallons of carrot juice in only ten days. With that amount of Vitamin A from the carrots, he had over 10,000 times the recommended Vitamin A intake. He died soon after, from liver damage.Number Three: Window Stunt. A man named Gary Hoy, a lawyer, worked in an office in a skyscraper high off the ground. The building had glass windows, and Gary liked to prove that the windows couldn’t be broken. Running up and “body testing” the windows was a regular stunt to his coworkers, but one day he decided to show his stunt to a group of incoming students. The first time it held. The second time, the window lost its framing and he went barreling to the pavement. One of the hardest ways to die: being
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