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Introduction The experiment that we did was the candle experiment. How this works is by lighting candles inside of a pan with water on a stand, put a lid on it, and watch the water rise into the lid while the candles burn out. We wonder if the number of candles affects the height of the liquid. My hypothesis is that the number of candles does affect the height of the liquid in the pan. I think this because there would be no other reason for the liquid to rise other than the amount of candles that are being burned. Experimental Design The design of this experiment is pretty simple. The independent variable for this experiment is the number of candles. The dependent variable is the height of the liquid. We are going to do 4 replicates for different classes. Materials Procedure • Pan (Glass) • Stand • Four Candles • Lid (Glass) • Liquid (Water) • Food dye (Red) • Lighter 1. Fill a pan a little more than half way with water 2. Put food dye in the water 3. Put a stand in water 4. Place 4 candles on the stand 5. Light one candle 6. Put lid over the candles and in the water 7. Measure water after candles go out and water rises 8. Repeat all steps (Adding another candle each time) Results Number of Candles VS Height of the Water Number of Candles Height of the Water (cm)…show more content…
We also could’ve tried to make sure that there were no errors during our experiments. An error that we had is that the length of time that the candle(s) went out and measuring the height of the temperature wasn’t always the same. That means that the water could’ve went down in that time. The bubbles that were in the liquid after it rose in the lid definitely could’ve affected the height of it. Each time we started the experiment, we should’ve checked to see if the height of the starting liquid was the same. When we measured the water, we measured with the ruler at the end, not at

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