Number One Spot Analysis

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In Number One Spot when something should be golden, then everything is overemphasized. In the video literally, everything becomes golden – the walls in the room, the carpet, the Afro haircut of Ludacris, his suit, skirts of dancing girls, the party ball, plenty of – way too many – chains rapper wears on his neck. Women in the video dance to the beat while wearing colorful and neon short dresses and having an incredibly big size of boobs which are too big for their bras. The Number One Spot last scene presents the Fat Bastard from Austin Powers, played certainly by Ludacris, and eating chicken wings while another trashy and sexy girl is lying next to him1. Then the song and melody changes – Ludacris introduce the fragment of another track entitled The Potion2. Here rapper is seen in the laboratory full of chemicals surrounded by provocatively dressed women. On the other hand, Ludacris looks completely normal, if compared to the style of the whole video, with the simple silver chain on the neck, oversized black T – shirt, black glasses. He is rapping while in the background mysterious potions are getting ready to be used. Number One Spot video is definitely the proof of the rapper's creativity – it is full of action, different scenes which are very often not…show more content…
He released his debut album The Sound of Revenge in 2005, which makes him very young artists in Hip Hop music business. Nevertheless, his second single from the album entitled Ridin' begun his way to popularity2. Is it mainly about violent policemen who are racist and do everything to arrest black people. Chamillionaire and Krayzie Bone are shown as neighborhood boys who like to drink expensive alcohol, smoke weed and have a good time; they have guns as well:
"Nigga been sippin on that Hennessey and the gin again is in again we in the
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