Number The Stars By Lois Lowry: Courage And Bravery

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Courage and bravery are very important and anybody can be brave if they set their mind to the task and believe in themselves. It takes a lot for a person to be brave but some people don’t realize that they are brave. Courage and bravery is shown multiple times throughout Number the Stars. The two topics are very important, especially in today’s youth because there are many issues in our world that requires the youth to be courageous and brave. When a person is prave, they are courageous and they do things that other people are afraid to do or things that involve putting their lives on the line. Lois Lowry incorporates courage and bravery in various ways throughout the book. For example, in the book, the character Peter is in the Danish…show more content…
People from history have done some extraordinary things that needed bravery. One example is Martin Luther King Jr. He fought against racial discrimination and for African American people’s rights. Another example is Harriet Tubman. She helped many slaves escape from the plantation they worked on. Harriet risked her life to save the lives of others. If she was caught, there is a chance she would’ve been executed. Bravery existed then and it still exists now. Bravery and courage are both important in today’s youth, with many problems going on, the youth needs to be brave. Rowan Blanchard is a teen actor and she used her fame to talk about important issues in today’s world. The important issue that she mainly talks about is gender inequality. Although Rowan gets hate for what she is doing, she continues to speak about it. Everybody is brave in some way but they might not realize it. Everybody is brave and courageous in their own way but they just need to find that bravery and courage in themselves. Bravery and courage is all around us and the littlest actions can be an act of courage or bravery. Many people have different definitions of bravery. Some people might think that speaking out about an important issue is brave and others might think that singing in a school talent show is brave. But there is courage and bravery out there and people can do great things with that courage and
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