Numeracy And Literacy Essay

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Both numeracy and literacy, which are key domains of learning, are essential for success at school (Victoria Department of Education & Early Childhood Development, 2009). Literacy has been the primary focus of education (Government of Alberta, 2010), and as a result there is an abundance of research on literacy best practices. Researchers and organizations have examined what makes a good reader and how to provide instruction in developmentally appropriate ways and at developmentally appropriate times (Minton, 2007). As a result, teachers have effective, proven strategies available to use when teaching reading. Pearse (2011) understood the knowledge acquired through the literacy focus and the use of literacy strategies can now be transferred to the development of mathematical numeracy,…show more content…
A workforce with high levels of numeracy enhances the ability of a country to meet the increasing skill demands of the global economy (Employment and Social Development Canada, 2015).
Statement of the Problem
Numeracy is a key outcome of how mathematics is taught and learned; it bridges the gap between mathematics learned at school and the variety of contexts where it is essential in everyday life (Victoria Department of Education & Early Childhood Development, 2009). The
2012 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) PISA Study, which specifically focussed on mathematics, showed achievement for Canadian students is declining in reading, math, and science. There were 21,000 students from 900 schools throughout all 10 provinces who participated in the research study. The results, released in December 2013, demonstrated not only a national decline, but also a decline for Alberta, which has

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