Nunavut Culture

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The northern parts of Canada consisted of the Northwest Territories, the Yukon and Nunavut. We usually refer to these people as “Eskimos”. But did you know that the term"Eskimos” is a term that they never use? They call themselves Inuit which means The People. Their culture is so diverse from the rest of Canada. They are extremely creative and very smart.

Art and music is a very big part of the northern culture. Their tapestries, carvings and jewellery are world renowned. In Nunavut their art infuses modern day techniques with traditional intuit art. In the Northwest Territories their style of art is very natural and simply beautiful. In the Yukon their inspiration comes from their surroundings. It also tends to have a very natural look. All of these places have very similar art styles because their lives are very similar. All of their art is simple, useful, and beautiful. The other part of northern culture is music. In Nunavut they will often remix traditional song by adding in a hip hop beat. In the Northwest Territories drums are real popular. Drums will be played
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Life in these parts of Canada is very diverse from the rest of Canada. One thing you will notice is the transportation. They have a very cool way of getting around. They use dog sleds. In Nunavut there are no roads connecting each community. To get around you need to travel on small planes or boats. In the capital, there 's only one price for a taxi, $6. That 's dirt cheap. The reason it 's so cheap is because they one have one road with no traffic lights. In the Northwest Territories the best way to get around in the winter is on ice roads. Ice road are frozen lakes that can with stand the weight of an eighteen wheeler. The Yukon is a mix of both the Northwest Territories and Nunavut when it comes to getting around. The Northwest Territories have one highway connecting it to the rest of Canada. The Yukon has two highways but Nunavut is completely isolated the only to get there is by boat or
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