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NUR 300 Case Study Since the recognition of patient safety as a healthcare priority by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2007, healthcare organizations have put many efforts in ensuring the quality of services and the safety of the patients. The Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) are recommendations meant to equip nurses with the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes that are critical to the improvement of patient care quality and safety (Sherwood & Barnsteiner, 2013). In the current case, Mary has new nurses who want to become part of her team in the ICU. Integrating new nurses into the ICU department requires helping them on how to efficiently execute their mandates without compromising on the quality benchmarks in place…show more content…
In this case, according to Bertch (2012), the various ways of ensuring quality such as following evidence-based practices should be mentioned. Additionally, the various safety measures that should be observed in the ICU unit should be focused on this critical step. Each of the new nurses should be given an opportunity to air her views on the best…show more content…
Specifically, Mary and her new and seasoned nurses should agree on the best method that they would use in implementing the skills. In the view of Pilcher (2009), the process should come out of a collaboration among the nurses and should not be the single choice of one of them. In conclusion, the guarantee of patient safety, as well as the provision of quality services, has been the concern of most healthcare organizations. Nurses in the ICU Department ought to have plans on how they will ensure they follow the fundamental principals contained in the QSEN safety competencies. In integrating new nurses in the ICU, Mary ought to make sure that the seasoned nurses understand the skills to follow and the best strategies that can ensure effective implementation of the policies. Doing so would ensure that the nurses work in collaboration and maintain or improve the quality and safety

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