Nuremberg Laws In Germany Essay

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January 30, 1933 Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany (1). This was a turning point in Germany 's political system. Hitler had a very strong stance on what he perceived as the “perfect race”. He was a part of the Nationalist Socialist (Nazi) Party, and they believed that the Jews, Gypsies, the handicapped and any others that were deemed undesirable should not be a part of their society. When Hitler got into power he began the implementation of policies that were aimed at removing Jews and other people that didn’t fit his idea of a perfect race from Germany. The First Anti-Semitic initiative was the boycott of Jewish stores and businesses (2). From there around 2,000 racial decrees were implemented against the Jews (3). The Nuremberg…show more content…
Overnight these Jews had lost their rights. Many of the Jewish-German businesses were forced to close or sell out to the government. Their businesses were trashed and burned. Jews were beaten and assaulted in the streets. They had trouble just going to get groceries or to try to find medical care. These laws instilled a hatred into the Germans. Hitler had convinced the people that the Jews were a sub human class. These laws lead to the identification of millions of jews throughout Nazi occupied Europe. They were only the beginning of Nazi policy of Anti-semitism. These paved the way for the Holocaust. Once identified most Jews would be sent to concentration camp. Concentration camps were horrific places, where millions of Jews were killed. Hitler was able to convince a nation of people to follow him and his orders. He would steal jewish families from their lives and everything they loved and would send them to concentration camps. There they would either be killed at the gates for being unfit or they would be forced to work long hours in the horrible conditions. They were given very little food and most people could not survive in these conditions so they died in the camps. When the camps were liberated the jewish people that survived were taken to hospitals or to
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