Nuria Case Study Summary

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1. How can you channel the individual and peer supervision sessions to encourage and empower Nuria and to foster her belief in her own strengths, competencies, and self-efficacy, using a wellness and positive psychology approach?
Nuria presents with feelings of disappointment and a sense of failure due to recently met adversity while attempting to teach a predominately Jewish class. She reports that despite her best efforts the students remain unreceptive to her teaching methods. She is pessimistic about her future and plans on quitting.
In order to provide effective counseling we must help Nuria see her strengths and resources that are at her disposal. For example, her peers are eager to provide immediate assistance and encouragement with her concern. Furthermore, it should be pointed out that she has proven to be a successful teacher in her home village. Since Nuria most likely taught culturally like-minded people from her village, a discussion of differences in her background & culture compared to the Jewish culture she is now teaching should be addressed. Additionally,
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After discussing the topic of cultural oppression privately, Nuria can now discuss the topic openly with her students in hopes of resolving any ill-will or misperceived notions they may have about her. Both Nuria and her students may be lacking in certain multicultural competencies such as awareness, knowledge, and skills. Both could benefit from psychoeducation about these competencies. Furthermore, Nuria can try extending her knowledge about the Jewish culture and their history so as to provide a common ground needed to connect with her students. This display of respect and admiration toward their culture may convey her desire to connect with them on a personal level. It is hoped that by doing this her students will
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