Nurse Aid Refresher

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can prepare them. It is hoped that advances in medical technology will continue to improve the survival rate of patient’s life-threatening diseases. For this reason, the community college should grow their existing health care programs as well as create short-term post-secondary programs, one-year certificate programs, and post-graduate programs leading to advanced certification in the health field (Romano and Kasper, 2009). The Nurse Aid refresher course has been in the community college sector for several years, however another idea is a Registered Nurse refresher course. Instead of the Registered Nurses attending colleges all over again, or at least taking most of her program designed courses over again, the system could allow her to…show more content…
It is appropriate to state that this will help in all areas of life (Romano and Kasper, 2009). For example, when thinking about walking around in the hospital and seeing a robot take items from one health station to another health station is twenty-first century learning that did not happen previously. And, it is tangible evidence that engineers are needed to continue to create and maintain the…show more content…
Though the face of the community college is changing, the focus is still advocating and educating the community. Statistical data rendered by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic indicate that industries, students and community colleges can and should better prepare themselves for the twenty-first century market. That can only be done as a twenty- first century learner. Additionally, it is important to realize that some baby boomers may be retiring from their career jobs, but not necessarily retiring. This means that baby boomers are just changing their workflow, and are opting to work for themselves, as experts in their particular areas. The significance of this paper shows that although the face of education is changing, and the face of industry is changing, the community college is equipped and flexible enough to educate students that study diverse programs (e.g. STEM, business, entrepreneurship, vocational, globalization and etc.) to be proficient in their

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