Nurse Anesthesiologist Research Paper

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be.Vital has been a very large part of my high school life since I enrolled/joined sophomore year, and part of my experience in the be.Vital academy has given a wide knowledge such us to be able to make realistic career choices and seek successful employment in the health care field, to develop an understanding of current health care issues, environmental concerns, and survival needs of the community, the nation and the world, and to develop an understanding of the importance in interacting and cooperating with other students and organizations, and last but not the least to promote and develop effective leadership qualities, skills, physical, mental and social wellbeing. Being in the be.Vital Academy program associated to the organization of Health Occupations Students of America has given me the opportunity on what medical career field I want to pursue in my college plans. be.Vital helped me to prepare my plans to be a Nurse Anesthesiologist. I choose Nurse Anesthesiologist since I want to specialize on something that interest me. Nursing is already impact in most colleges but I still want to be a nursing nevertheless most…show more content…
First, Medical Terminology this course will focus on the many components of a medical term and how to break down a medical term by simply knowing the meaning of the prefix or suffix. By learning the parts of a medical word, you will not need to memorize hundreds of complex medical terms and their definitions. Second, Medical English class helped me to understand Philosophy and Ethics & Morals. Lastly, Physiology has helped me understanding of how our body works and to fully comprehend how all the complex functions and systems of the human body work together to keep us healthy. This also allows me to be able to connect what I learned about anatomy and physiology to what I already know about our own

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