Nurse Anesthetist Experience

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After almost 4 years of high school there is one crucial thing that I learned. I learned that I have a heart to help people. I learned that I am gifted at solving problems and making good decisions. Most importantly, I learned that the medical field is where I belong after taking many science classes. The human body has always intrigued me and based on my religious beliefs, I am very passionate about how God has so intricately designed our bodies to function in unison. However, since there are so many jobs in the medical field, I had a hard time narrowing it down to a specific field. I can easily say one experience changed that for me. Two summers ago, when I was laying in a dentist chair waiting to get my wisdom teeth out, the only person…show more content…
Similarly to a anesthesiologist assistant, I am also very interested in being a nurse anesthetists. Much like an anesthesiologist assistant, nurse anesthetist asses how a patient will respond to a specific type of anesthetic according to their health history and intensity of the surgery. They inform the patients about the risks involved due to allergies or complications such as overdoses. Inside the operation room, nurse anesthetists hold a great deal of responsibility in giving the patient the right amount of anesthetic. They are responsible for communicating to the patient and their family about the measures that need to be taken before, during and after the surgery. Unlike anesthesiologist assistants, nurse anesthetists can work in a wide variety of places from inpatient and outpatient facilities. They can work in hospitals and surgical centers like anesthesiologist assistants, however, they can also work in places like dentist offices and private physicians offices. On average, they get paid $157,000 to $214,000 dollars per year. To be a certified nurse anesthetists requires about 6-7 years of schooling. Before you enter a CNRA program, you have to have a bachelors of science in nursing and be a licensed registered nurse. Sometimes, students are required to have clinical experience and may need to take a couple years off of school. After being licensed as an RN, you need to complete a nursing anesthetist program and prove that you aren’t abusing drugs or alcohol. This…show more content…
Overall, these two careers are very similar but require different things. Nurse anesthetist for example have to be a RN before going into the nurse anesthetist program. An anesthesiologist assistant goes into pre-med school and then gets their bachelor 's degree in being an anesthesiologist assistant. The biggest difference between them is the pay. Anesthesiologist assistants make less money than nurse anesthetist and it’s just about the same amount of schooling for both. Considering all of this, I am leaning toward being a nurse anesthetist because of its options in the

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