Nurse Anesthetist Reflection

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The first section is about the introduction of my speech. The specific purpose and central idea in my speech were clear. I would say I gained most of my audience’s attention in the introduction and that it was effective. My attention getter does orient the audience to my topic. I think it snagged most people’s attention and did motivate my audience to listen. I did not reveal my qualifications or credibility in my speech. I did not relate the topic to the audience by stating how it might affect them personally. I did include a preview of the main points in my speech. The overall effectiveness of my introduction would be an eight out of a ten-point scale. I could improve the introduction of my speech by including the “motivate us to listen”…show more content…
The main points of my speech were to inform my audience of three things about a Nurse Anesthetist: the role and work environments, the education and clinical training it takes to become a CRNA, and the annual income of a CRNA. My main points were very easy to identify. I used many transition words and had smooth transitions between each main point. I used examples, statistics, and facts as supporting material in my presentation. The supporting material was easy to understand and sufficient to my claims. I would say I gave clear step by step facts during my second main point. My statistics and examples helped me explain and deliver the information that was needed for my third main point. I would characterize my use of language as simple, clear, precise, and easy to follow. I did have at least six citations in my outline and delivered out loud in my speech, but most of them did not have all four parts completed. However, my citations did have at least the source and date provided. I did cite the source and date of my images. My transitions were clearly stated and they did tell the previous point and introduce the next point. I did stay within the required time limit, my time was five minutes and 30 seconds. I could improve the body of my speech by including all four parts to a complete citation in my outline and while delivering my speech. I believe the body section of my speech was a really informative and it was well put together. This section is about the conclusion of my speech. I did signal the end of my speech by starting with “Today I have shared with you” and I did review my three main points. I did not have a memorable close to my conclusion. The closing of my speech was mostly effective. I could improve my conclusion by including a memorable close at the end and finishing off with a different tone in my voice to really let the audience know that this is the end of my
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