Nurse Burnout

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According to Maslach (1982 in Caputo 1991), there are 5 factors of the individual that can lead to burnout. Some of these factors include gender, age, marital status, employment and education.
In this study, the sex factor difficult to concluded its effects on the incidence of burnout considering most respondents-sex women. According to Farber (1991) as quoted from Heriyadi (2006) mentions that the guy grew and grew up with the typical men 's independence and those expected to be assertive, straightforward, tough and not easy emotionally. Instead women are expected to have attitude Guide, empathy, compassion, help and meek. The difference in the way the raise in raising men and women give different impacts on men and women in facing and overcoming the burnout. It is supported by Caputo (1991) argued that the requirement to adapt in a job that requires workers to the masculine nature or feminism led to workers experiencing pressure.
For the composition of age and marital status, cross-tabulations of results obtained most of the nurses are experiencing burnout aged less than 40 years old and have been married. These results are supported by research conducted by Ni Luh Putu Dian Yunita Sari (2015), which mentions the
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On statistical tests to find out the relationship between burnout with the nurse performance in providing nursing care, obtained results demonstrate a strong connection with the negative direction (p =-0747). Thus it can be concluded that the increasing burnout can trigger the declining performance of the nurses. Burnout occur is caused by excess workload resulting from the increase of patients who exceed the capacity and the number of nurses who are not adequate. While on the other hand nurses can work optimally and professionally. In nursing, inpatient nurses given responsibility to be able to serve 3 to 5 patients, however due to the increasing patient, then the nurses have an increased workload. This can lead to burnout that may affect their

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