Nurse Complaint

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2A- A nurse is a male or female whom has passed the NCLEX and holds a current, valid LPN or RN license in the practicing State. 2B A complaint is initially filed against a nurse when it is submitted in writing to a state’s Board of Nursing. In Alabama, once the Board receives the written complaint, a case is opened and docketed in the Board’s licensing database; the complaint is subsequently reviewed by the Executive Officer. Unless the complaint was initiated by an anonymous party, a letter acknowledging receipt of the Complaint is sent to the complaining party. Upon receipt of the complaint, the Executive Officer determines if the case should be closed due to insufficient evidence, if the complaint is invalid and without merit, or if the…show more content…
If an investigator is assigned to determine if enough evidence exists to potentially charge the nurse with a violation of the Nurse Practice Act, he will interview witnesses, review submitted documents, and compile all evidence for the case file. The Alabama Board of Nursing employs two nurse consultants in the Legal Division, one of whom will be assigned the case to review and then provide a recommendation which is then scrutinized by the Board’s attorney. The Board’s attorney reviews all of the evidence as well as the nurse consultants’ recommendation and then decides how to proceed.2C- Patient abandonment- Acceptance of a patient assignment, thus establishing a nurse patient relationship, and then ending the nurse-patient relationship without giving reasonable notice to supervisory personnel so that others can make arrangements for continuation of nursing care.2D- Graduate Nurse- A first time applicant for licensure by examination may request a nonrenewable 90 day temporary permit to practice nursing. The permit will be issued upon approval of a completed application packet for licensure by…show more content…
The applicant must notify their employer immediately upon receipt of notice of failure to pass the examination or of licensure disapproval. 2E- In the state of Al an LPN cannot conduct pre delivery vaginal exams but can complete vaginal exams to determine fetal position. 2F- Misrepresenting or falsifying facts in applying for original licensure, renewal, reactivation, or reinstatement of a license. Obtaining or attempting to obtain an unauthorized prescription by fraudulent means for self-use and having a pattern of abuse or misuse of habit forming and/or mood-altering drugs or alcohol.2G- Using the standard of care act will promote safety by providing a clear understanding of what can and cannot be done to provide the highest and safest level of care. 2H- regional issue- Alabama does not participate in compact state licensing. All information found from the Alabama board of nursing websit
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