Benner's Professional Nursing Theory Paper

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Nurses (both Licensed Vocational Nurses and Registered Nurses) make up the largest part of the health care, and have greater opportunities practicing in different disciplines and departments. In Black’s Professional Nursing, he states, “the profession of nursing is more than ever requiring the education of well-trained, flexible, and knowledgeable nurses who can practice in today’s evolving health care environment.” (Black, 2017, p.1). There are different reasons that influenced my decision of seeking a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN). Flash back to when I relocated to United States in 2011, my goal was getting into a pre-pharmacy program, then get into a pharmacy school. Due to family pressure back in Africa, I had to get a CNA license,…show more content…
According to Patricia Benner, one of the nursing theorists, the five-step nursing model determines excellence, and power in clinical nursing practice. Dr. Patricia initially introduced the concept that expert nurses develop intellectual skills and patients understanding through a sound and stable educational base in addition to work experience. The theory is one of the essential frameworks for assessing the crucial nurse needs at the various level of professional development (Bezuidenhouk, 1982). Most importantly the argument does not include an emphasis on how to be a nurse instead it emphasizes on how nurses acquire relevant knowledge through experience and hard work. As argued by Benner the best form of learning is through experience as well as situation bases. In this case, the nurse has to pass through five particular stages of learning from novice to…show more content…
Joining a professional association for nurses is one of my short-term goals. In this association, I aim to identify mentors to spearhead my learning patterns. Similarly, I frequently attend specialty conferences besides getting involved in different exchange programs that improve my communication skills. On the other hand, one of my priorities in forming my long-term goal is to advance in educational career. Climbing up the ladder to achieve a master degree in nursing will be the first commendable achievement. I firmly believe that an educated and empowered nurse provides the best nursing care at all times. Similarly, I would carry out numerous research projects in the field of nursing to determine the primary causes of common illness. It is indeed prudent to note that achieving all these things requires the support of all the stakeholders in the nursing

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