Nurse Discharge Planning Essay

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For a nurse, effective discharge planning is important. According to BMJ (2008) discharge planning is a process that’s focuses on the coordination of services and care after a patient’s discharge from hospital. In Ian and Judi’s case the discharge planning they received left them in fear and desperation. AHRQ (n.d) express that effective discharge planning involves the client and family by giving them adequate preparation as this reduces unplanned readmissions, improves client outcomes and increase client satisfaction. It is evident in the article that Ian and Judy’s experience with discharge planning was less then optimal. The article continues to explain that Ian’s experience in the ward left him barely able to eat, wounds still unhealed;…show more content…
(Nurse Together, 2012). As a nurse discharge planning is crucial as it ensures the continuity of care between hospital and community. Ian had Multiple Myeloma which was a complex long-term condition. Chronically ill clients can experience multiple transitions between health care setting and providers due to their frequent changes in health status. (McMartin, 2013). The nurse involved in this article did not demonstrate effective planning of Ian’s discharge. As the role of the RN is important in planning the discharge, she could have done certain things differently to accommodate Ian and Judi. One aspect would be improving the comprehension of discharge instructions. By explaining medications and making sure they understood when and why he has to take them, as for the unhealed wounds setting up a discharge plan for community nurses to come see him and to teach Judi how to redress and look for signs of infection could benefit them as this could be a long term
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